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Smart Mod offers contemporary camping houses in various sizes. The modular buildings are made out of quality materials and can house from 2-6 people at a time. Each building can be equipped with bathroom and fully furnished kitchenette. Camping houses can be finished in various colors to fit with the rest of the camping area.

Camping houses are made in two insulation standards: summer and winter option (depending on the insulation thickness). The houses are build in the factory and arrive on site completely finished (with finished bathroom and kitchen). Thanks to the modular timber construction, installation takes 2 hours with crane plus 2 days for final finishing per house.

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House Types

Camping 17

House 2+1
for a couple + 1 kid


  • width: 3m
  • length: 5,5m
  • height: 3,1m (interior 2,4m)

bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom with shower

Camping 30

House 2+2
for a family with 2 kids or 2 couples


  • width: 5,5m
  • length: 5,8m
  • height: 3,1m (interior 2,4m)

2 bedrooms, big kitchenette, bathroom with shower

Camping 35

House 2+2+2
for a family with 2-4 kids or 3 couples


  • width: 5,5m
  • length: 8,8m
  • height: 3,1m (interior 2,4m)

2 bedrooms, lounge with a sofa bed, kitchenette, bathroom with shower


Cosy interior

With a limited space available, we used every centimeter to create a spacious and functional interior.


Short time of realization

SmartMod is built entirely in the hall and is ready to be installed after about 2 months. Mounting on the plot lasts usually 1-2 days.SmartMod is built entirely in the hall and is ready to be installed after about 2 months. Mounting on the plot lasts usually 1-2 days.

Quick return of investment

If you are the owner of a holiday resort or campsite, Smart Mod Camping is an excellent choice! The investment will pay back in two or three seasons, and the guests will be satisfied with the comfortable interior.

Individual project

Variety of colors and façade material can be adapted to the customer’s needs. This allows you to achieve flexibility in creating a unique look for a camping or recreational plot.

Comprehensive service

SmartMod has the entire plumbing and electrical installation ready for connection on the plot. It can also be furnished, ready to live.


Care for details

Each SmartMod building is made of high quality materials, has a modern design and is refined with care for every detail.


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